The Stocktwits Edge – Crowdsourced, Curated, Published

Last year Ivan, Phil and I asked members of the Stocktwits’ community to share their favorite setups and a story or two in a book idea we had put together with Wiley publishing.

When we started Stocktwits, we felt that people sharing ideas would accelerate learning and build a very smart community. We felt that curation of the ‘idea’ stream…human, machine and community, would help our idea network stand the test of time.

A recent post from Ivan sums up the progress with a recent blog post ‘21 reasons that Stocktwits is a Great Financial Network

It has been fun for me to become friends with such a wide group of traders and investors, all with different gameplans and goals. When we asked over 40 members of the community to contribute a full chapter, we were not sure the reaction would be so positive. Writing even a chapter for a book is a big commitment. The reaction was indeed great and we crowdsourced, curated and published our first book. Social Media is indeed transforming the trading and investing world.

As Ivan sums up:

You don’t need to wear a suit or talk on CNBC to be respected on ST. You just need to show up every day and share. StockTwits believes in meritocracy. As American idol promotes the most talented singers that nobody has heard of, StockTwits shines the spotlight on real market pros many of whose names are not widely known – yet. People are voting every day by following and re-tweeting.

In an attempt to promote excellence, StockTwits organized a crowd-sourced book by inviting some of the most renowned traders and investors in the financial web to share in specific details how they approach the market every day. This is a very practical book, filled with over 40 actionable setups. Each contributor walks you step by step through his/her decision making process. – from searching for new ideas, to executing, managing risk and closing a position, so you could repeat it later yourself. Expect more details soon.

You can preorder the book on Amazon today.