The Stocktwits Hall of Fame…Miracles and Shame on Wall Street

Rock and Roll has a ‘Hall of Fame’. So does the NFL.

Companies deserve some recognition too. When I created Wallstrip, A ‘Hall of Fame’ was in the long-term plan as we covered one great stock/company a day. The idea was to talk about the company, the brand, which was made up of people and great leaders. It was not about the people analyzing and reporting on them as CNBC had been doing to that point in time. You can’t build a hall of fame overnight or anything great for that matter, and to be honest, looking back, Wallstrip deserves to be in the hall of fame. Take a look at a mashup of the great Lindsay Campbell over 300 shows and a Thanksgiving mashup of the first 100.

The last 10 seconds in this one took an hour for me to get right…

Since we started Wallstrip in 2006, many Hall of Fame Companies have been started and three are ready to go public. The three I submit to open The Stocktwits Hall of Fame are $ZYNGA Living Social $LSOCIAL and Groupon $GRPN. They are miracles of vision (check out this Zynga infographic), rapid GLOBAL execution and fast following. They are global brands in 4 plus years. They are miracles. Time will tell if Wall Street shames and tarnishes the brands as the Wall Street financing and IPO process has changed so dramatically itself.

I open the comments and Stocktwits streams to conversation about the first three nominees at this time.


  1. TrendRida says:

    I think we need rookie pay scale. These companies haven’t thrown a pass and we already got em in Canton. Anyway I like Zynga & Living Social. Groupon not so much. I think Josh nailed the analysis of groupon & Living Social this morning.

    • i did not mean canton in terms of performance on wall street, I meant financial engineering.  there are many different categories in hall of fame…

      in wall street, there is shame, execution, speed, size, vision, performance etc….

      this whole global, speed, fast follwing justblows me away and than you add revenur, maret cap etc….hall of fame..

  2. Rosswhiting says:

    Yes to $ZYNGA, $LSOCIAL and $GRPN have yet to prove their worth in my eyes, great I don’t have to get coupons on my doorstep any more; kool; the group discount thing is interesting, but not sure it is has staying power.  I propose $ZIP and $NFLX and everyone loves to hate Twitter, but they have inspired the world, even Stocktwits was a fruit that dropped from its branches and hit Howard on the head.  :)

    • Twiiter has not filed or shown an interest in filing for IPI so they vant be on the list.

      its not about staying power as they are being submitted to hall of fame for other factors.

      nike, apple, etc….fit those molds and are shoe ins….

  3. Rosswhiting says:

    BTW, loved to know where the hall a fame will actually be, who will architect it, I want go and see artifacts, curated gallery type shows, and cannot wait to mingle around these walls of greatness.  I liken it to going to Bell labs in NJ back in the day and visiting there corp lobby, there is/was a gallery there open to public showing off some insane research and ideaing that went on,  just insane epic stuff.   The Apples of today might not have existed today, if it didn’t stand on the shoulders of giants like this.  Stuff like PERL.  My kind of mecca.  IMO.  Fund the vision Howard.  Just a touch envious, wish I was in that position, not in stars. Just a cheerleader.  Love it and oh what fun.

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