The Web and Google are Winning…Facebook and Twitter are only #Winning

Google is dead. Search is dead. The World Wide Web is dead.


Google has added about $35 billion since Faceplant came public. They have YouTube, Chrome, Android, Gmail, Maps and oh yeah SEARCH.

The social web is the greatest thing ever but nobody really owns it. It’s a sexy illusion. The market is saying so since May. Phew.

People will keep trying to grab it and wall it…god bless them.

It’s been a good week for some old web.

Disclosure – Long $AMZN $GOOG


  1. I agree that google and amazon are far more central. I think Facebook’s role is yet to be decided – they may or may not be key to the web in the long run. I suspect they will be, but in a new form.

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  3. JFinDallas says:

    Holy busted Groupon, Batman ! Am I reading what I am reading from social media guru HL ?! Thank you for bringing some clarity and keeping a level head.

  4. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    I think Larry Page is trying very hard to turn this around. Yes, he has a few pet projects / sacred cows (ChromeBooks, for example) but he *is* killing stuff that isn’t delighting millions of users every day.

    Schmidt was a disaster – basically a computer scientist turned salesman / lobbyist. Page understands that if you aren’t number one or a strong number two, you shouldn’t piss away resources on a project.

  5. Druce says:

    People spend a lot of time on Facebook and they have the advantage of knowing more about your personal life (hence the Google push for G+) … but when you go to Google Search you know what you want, eg a local locksmith, and Google can show you ads based on that specific intent. Google might have a permanent advantage in click-through rates.

    The Google Now cards in Android Jelly Bean are an interesting response to Twitter… Google notices you check traffic or Manchester United scores in the morning and starts pushing pop-up notifications about them to you, like an automated Twitter feed. Could see those being sponsored by relevant ads in the future and replacing some of those Man U feeds in Twitter.

  6. Chris Lau says:

    Tracking # followers since June, My:
    Twitter + 1%
    Google+ is +310%
    Seeking Alpha + 27%
    stocktwits +33%
    Facebook Financial Fans Page: +9%

  7. the hook says:

    Howard, thx for blocking me on twitter. it’s good to know how thin the skin is of the great creator of stocktwits. Blocked for pointing out the absurdity of Robert Sinn being starred while having a long rap sheet, drunk driving an impala, and making 38k a year. this is a guy you decided to star as a guy people on stocktwits should care most about. Fucking joke. You make fun of bankers as you curate felons.

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