Thinking in English…and Bitcoin

The Falafel and Fintech week is now officially underway in Tel Aviv. This year a group of SIXTEEN venture capitalists have joined my partner Gary and I on the trip to Israel. Last year it was just six of us. Next year it will probably be fifty.

The start-up culture in Tel Aviv is electric.

Last night I went to watch Yoni (Etoro) do a speech titled ‘The Brief History of Money and Blockchain’ (the presentation is at the end of this post).

He warned me the talk would be in Hebrew. I understand a lot of Hebrew though so was not too concerned.

Yoni decided to ask the local audience if he could do the talk in English because I was in the room and nobody cared. So he did.

The Israeli founders and entrepreneurs think in English.

It’s just another thing we take for granted as founders in the United States and another reason why so many American venture capitalists are willing to come and invest in Israeli companies.

Here is Yoni’s presentation:

A Brief History of money, Blockcain and eToro – Meitav Dash.

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