The ‘TILT’ From Liquid Energy to The Power Grid in 2015…Boom Times to 2025…Momentum Monday

I don’t invest in energy, but when I do I call upon Gregor Macdonald.

Quick plug (no personal/stocktwits business relationship)- Gregor runs and a subscription is a paltyr $84/year. As a happy subscriber I keep pestering him to raise prices for his amazing work.

Gregor has so much passion for the trend changes underway and can express the underlying trends he sees happening in an easy to digest newsletter and model portfolio of energy ETF’s.

Yesterday, I checked in with Gregor for my show.

Last year, I asked him for his favorite 10 year ETF idea based on his vision for the ‘TILT’ from liquid energy to the Power Grid. He recommended $GRID which I bought for my hedge fund and kids accounts. I posted on the streams and than in my yearly update 9up 10 percent in 2014). The good news is Gregor sees 2014 as just another inflection year with the bigger trends beginning in 2015.

Water and other government risks are the big wild cards in this ’tilt’ being smooth.

Listen in and you will get a better taste of how he thinks about things. And do yourself a favor and buy this newsletter for yourself and a few friends that have made you some money on the streams.

Disclosure – Long $GRID