Time Bankruptcy…The Power of NO

I have joked recently about hiring a ‘Time Bankruptcy’ attorney. In this age of Social Media I believe that Time Bankruptcy will become a real problem and if lawyers did not spend all their time billing us endlessly we would already see the infomercials.

I have long said that Social Leverage is the NEW Financial Leverage. My mistake is that thinking there was no downside to Social Leverage…that it was infinitely scalable. I stand corrected.

I have recently realized that there are indeed boundaries and limits to Social Leverage and the big one is time. I am overcommited and I am underdelivering.

It is nobody’s fault but mine.

I need to reintroduce NO to my vocabulary. I have been drunk on YES.

Using the word NO sucks, but it is powerful.

The best investors say NO all the time and time there YES’s when the chips are all stacked in their favor.

Back to the drawing board once again…

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