This Has To be The Top! …and…Too Big to Stop!

My post yesterday ‘Checks and Cheerleading’ was a mess. A jumbled version of it was emailed to everyone and I woke to this note from my friend Ryan:

Why so many typos in your post today? Too many cheerleaders, not enough editors ? :)

Here is the corrected post with the video and link.

Speaking of typos…lately, when I check the stocks I own, I worry I am seeing a typo.

Yesterday iRobot was up $10 after their earnings announcement.

Today, I had two stocks up $40 today after hours (Google and Amazon)…that probably has not happened since 1999.

Google and Amazon are obviously crushing it. They can’t be boxed in and nobody knows where they stop.

Jeff Bezos is now $5 billion (one Trump) away from being the richest person in the world.

Google’s quarterly revenue is now bigger than Microsoft’s and they are growing 3 times faster.

I used to think that anti-trust could slow these two companies down but they have gotten too big to stop. The last crash was all about the banks and ‘too big too fail’. The next crash will likely be one caused by companies that got ‘too big to stop.’

I am a trend follower so markets like this are to be enjoyed, not analyzed. This run will end and there will be plenty of time to analyze the hell out of it.

This blog is about finding trends (which has not been hard the last 11 years)…riding them (writing here has helped me ride them) and getting off (I still have a habit of selling early but I can live with it).

Lately, a lot of my ideas and shares have been met with ‘this is a sign of the top’. It makes sense because some of the moves and valuations do seem silly.

I am more worried about comments like this I am starting to see:

@howardlindzon just bought some Bitcoin for the first time on coinbase. I watched go up all year, had to get in.

— keith (@keithstok) Apr. 27 at 02:22 PM

Don’t chase. Don’t be a sign of the top.

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