Ttttttelecommmmmmmmm is RAGING! W.T.F.


The world is not round!

I was just checking the new high list over at Maoxian and I swear I saw AT&T, Verizon and Southwest Bell on the list. Qwest is a rocket for christ sakes. I turned on CNBC and Cramer is playing some washed up telecom because of YouTube. Sweat was coming out of his ears.

I just flicked myself in the temple, poured a triple scotch and downed it, kicked Bagel my dog :) , splashed some Visine in my eyes and cracked my knuckles. I retyped the symbols in Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and called my broker in Tokyo (I wish). It’s true. AT&T is at a four year high.

I just called AT&T and yelled at an operator and demanded my bill be reduced. I don’t even have an account. Four years ago that worked. I would get checks in the mail and go to Domino’s. They fixed the problem and hung up on me tonight :) .

Enough said.

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  1. mike says:

    Looks like that triple scotch got the best of you!!! And you kicked your dog – right on, way to reduce that anger level!

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