Twenty Minute VC Interview – Howard Lindzon

Young Harry Stebbings in Britain interviewed me for his popular podcast a few weeks back.

His key focus centered on the following:

1.) How Howard made his way into the world of hedge funds, tech and now VC with Social Leverage?

2.) Why is trend following a good thing to do when starting investing? How can you trend follow and still invest with conviction?

3.) Why Howard believes people need to lose money to learn about the market and ecosystem What have been his learnings from missing Twitter and Zynga?

4.) Who Howard believes that fundraising is an art and not everyone can be taught it? What are the core elements that lead to a successful fundraise?

5.) What was Howard’s biggest lesson from investing alongside Fred Wilson and Brad Feld? How did that alter his approach to price and ownership?

You can listen to it HERE (just press click to play on his site) and he has a library of other great ones if you want to learn from other highly accomplished investors.

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