Twitter TV is Amazing… But …

Twitter launched TV officially with the NFL last Thursday.

I checked it out. Like most people I thought it was cool. In fact it’s amazing. Even if I just used it once a month to catch a few game time moments that matter to me in real time it would have more value than a cable subscription. 

Twitter should be my personal remote control for everything I want to read and watch in real time. They should and likely will figure this out. The faster they do, the faster Netflix, Apple, Comcast, Disney, ATT and Verizon could be bidders.

That said, I want Twitter to survive stand alone because I am selfish and have a massive amount of time invested in the network that exists. Leave my little club alone! It’s a utility to me and I am happy to pay for my utilities. I don’t need any fancy new features from them and am happy to pay them to be my ‘cable’ provider. My smartphone, soon my voice, is/will be my remote control for this world of real time. The sooner the better please. 

In the meantime, the stock market remains underwhelmed with Twitter. That makes sense because this content move is more media and less network effects and Twitter is pretty rich for a media company that burns cash. The stock compensation stuff is a nasty overhang until they can grow revenue and of course earnings much faster.

I am rooting for Twitter the product and company because of the value I get and the returns I have made investing in the ecosystem they helped create. 

Twitter is the greatest company of all time to armchair quarterback. I have rarely agreed with their product and corporate strategy but here we are at $15 billion. Now if I was CEO ….

I have learned so much watching this company deal with the mood of its users and investors. It’s the reason the company has already had so many CEO’s. I can’t imagine the noise at their size because the noise on StockTwits can be deafening when the smallest thing goes wrong.