The Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jamie Dimon

I was doing a fireside chat with Blair Livingston today for his team at StreetContxt in Toronto. Blair founded the Company back in 2012 and has built a fantastic content management, measurement and research distribution service for financial institutions. Our fund Social Leverage was a seed investor.

As always, the question of digital assets and crypto currencies came up…Will it be around in 10 years? Is it a bubble? What about China? Will the US regulate?

I went into my ‘Jurassic Park’ mode to explain. Back in 2013, I wrote this post which continues to be the simplest explainer to what could happen and what actually now has happened.

You better learn how to code.

Math and technology is winning over commodities in this epic run.

Obama promised us infrastructure. I guess cheap servers used to build Bitcoin was what he meant by infrastructure. Jurassic Park has been unleashed in the financial world. The economists have been calling for a currency war. While they have been busy writing books about the war, Jurassic Park happened.

I saw 40 people in the room relax and laugh, but they got it.

You do not want to be the banker sitting on the toilet when the T-Rex breaks through the fence.

I joked in another post in 2013, that I was using Zillow to search for home prices on Mt. Gox. It seemed funny at the time, but now Mt. Gox is long gone, so the joke would have been on me. The takeaway… while Bitcoin is here to stay, the landscape (winners and losers) is changing rapidly. Buyer beware. Risk management is everything.

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