Venice and the VIX 

My first day of real vacation starts today in Venice. 

I am staying in a brand new room at the Hotel Papadopoli (say that three time fast) and it’s fantastic. 

I am heading to Florence soon, than Tuscany before a bike trip in the Alps that starts in Davos. More on that soon. After that likely Vienna and who knows. 

I had my phone off the last 24 hours to get in the swing of some time off and opened to take a few ‘Snaps’ so my son knows we are alive. 

I just took this photo outside our hotel. 

Italy is by far my favorite country to visit outside the US. Excited to hit the canals and get lost. If I hear someone say Google or Snapchat I will dive into a canal and swim for Africa. 

Fire away any reco’s if you like via email or Twitter.