Web Free.0 – yes!

Scott Rafer of MyBlogLog just linked me to this Om malik story about Zecco . Zecco briefly:

Morten Lund, the guy who was the earliest backers of Skype is at it again. He has financed Zecco, a start-up that will allow consumers to trade stocks for zero commissions, versus $10 to $20 that many online brokers charge today. Other investors in the company include former Dutch Coca Cola CEO Pier Baarsma and Soren Kenner former chairman of McCann Erickson MRM Europe

Off the top of my head – I can’t imaging why I would not try this out. I will. This will be very monetizable and I love the ambition and potential disruption.

Web FREE.0 is here with a bang. I am interested to see if they can really operate this without charging something. I doubt it, but hope I am wrong. Either way – Cool.

UPDATE – Good report on the real issues ahead for Zecco in the years ahead . I tend to agree and wonder what the size of this can be. I further wonder why not just build a community and ride off their commission structure. That’s what I would do . Thanks Zecco.

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