Welcome to Stocktoberfest

Year 6 today of Stocktoberfest kicks off in NYC in a few hours.

I’m thrilled that we are finally to the point of the event where I know what I am doing. Running the stage and the content is what I enjoy most.

I am going to grab a quick run on the streets of NYC and than head to the show. I am really happy so many people are coming out and am excited about the content.

The way I see the markets, we are being led by ecommerce and the cloud. Along with this boom we have the semiconductors which power all this along with the robots that are our new overlords.

Shopify and Amazon hit more all-time highs and it is a perfect time to sit with Brad Birnbaum (founder of Kustomer.com) today at the show to talk about this industry from the ground level of software that manages each customer and their order.

My friend Ed Sim is investing in cloud based enterprise startups and he will fireside chat with me on how he sees the space evolving at a private company and public company level

My friend Morgan Housel came by Stocktwits for a chat with the team and we chatted about active versus passive trends and the world of content. Morgan believes that it is costs, not the passive/active argument, that is really driving change in the asset management business.

While ‘fashology’ is one of my favorite terms, the stocks that I have used as proxies have sucked wind the last 12 months. It could be cyclical or maybe the world of ecommerce will bring us thousands of niche private companies that do fashology better than the leaders like Nike and LULU and UnderArmor.

Chinese fintech is a big subject and I like to say they are helped by a ‘grey means go’ mentality versus the US ‘grey means no’.

I was chatting the other day with Matt Burton, founder of Orchard has spent a lot of time in China and says that ‘inclusion is more important than protection’ as it relates to financial services right now. From what I read, India is the same. It’s more important to get people on the digital financial grid right now and that is driving massive growth.

Yes, the President wants coal and oil to be found, mined and shipped off from all our back yards, but it seems like a foregone conclusion that the trend is not his friend here. Yes pockets will be lined, but the market forces of clean energy technology should prevail.

Tonight we will award the first ‘Chart Artist of The Year’ and 13 other first ever Cashtag awards.

Time to get on with it.

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