I say that a lot.

If you follow me on Stocktwits I make an effort to try and personally welcome you.

Way back in MySpace days, ‘Tom’ (he really is Tom) would welcome everyone. It was simple and honest and effective.

I loved when Norm would walk into ‘Cheers’ and get greeted with ‘NORM

It’s also probably why I love investing in customer support companies/products so much (and the returns have not sucked).

As much as I like to say welcome, I am quick to ‘block’ people that are abusive. Twitter’s block feature is one of the greatest features of the social network era. Stocktwits has a ‘house rules‘ that Phil Pearlman, Justin Paterno, Sean McLaughlin and I put together in 2009 (without lawyers) that reads much the same today.

I have this saying that social media is a privilege, not a right. It has nothing to do with free speech for me, just common sense.

Have a great weekend.

PS – Marc Andreessen poked his head on Twitter yesterday to share his new book reading list. I joked that I only read YouTube, but don’t be like me…read like Marc.

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