What Was Nike Thinking? What is Elon Thinking? What is Spotify (Daniel Ek) Thinking?

The President tweeted ‘What Was Nike Thinking?‘ this morning.

Professor Galloway has chimed in with his answer re Nike:

They were thinking about shareholder value.

He goes on to call it genius and the gangster marketing move of 2018.

Have a quick watch.

I agree 100 percent with Galloway on this one. The early results are good with Nike online sales up 31 percent just yesterday.

Nike did not politicize everything….The GOP and Trump did.

El Presidente might have been better off attacking Elon Musk because it is Tesla that seems on the ropes and the easy target.

Elon Musk did a very viral interview with comedian Joe Rogan in which they smoked a joint and had what I thought was a fun conversation. The problem is that Tesla has shed $21 billion the last few weeks.

And finally in today’s ‘What are They Thinking’ I enjoyed this interview with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Have a great Saturday

Disclosure – Long Nike and Spotify

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