Why Share?

On Saturday, I played golf with Max and the Moss brothers (Jackson, Matt and Adam) at our home course San Diego Golf Club. This has been a regular fivesome for years.

I had my best ever front 9 (1 under 35) and stood on the 18th (a par 4) at one over needing just a bogey for my personal best. Max was playing great but I was still 3 up on him. I have not beaten Max in years. I was not thinking about that because I was focused on making a 4 or 5 for my personal best. He hit his worst drive of the day down the right side in the rough. I hit a poor drive left and than hit a five wood into the trap next to the green.

What happened next though was crazy. Max went ‘Tiger Woods’ holing a 5 iron from 190 for an eagle.

Dejected I yakked my sand shot and scraped it in for a double bogey six to lose to Max by 1 and only tie my personal best.

Every dad should get beaten by their son like this!


I am excited to get back to work this week.

We have been investing out of our Social Leverage fund 3 and the companies are doing great. We have a couple investments in the pipeline that should close soon and we continue to see great founders and teams in financial services and enterprise software.

This made me LOL last week from Steven Place on the state of the market:

Finally…I get asked all the time why I share all my ideas?

I share to make sure I am thinking straight and that my brain is not just in love with what my eyes are seeing.

I love this one from Jim O’Shaughnessy:

Have a great Monday.

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