You Can Now Share Links Directly from Google Reader to StockTwits

For StockTwits members who use Google Reader, you can now share your favorite articles directly from Google Reader to StockTwits. For members who rely heavily on RSS feeds to keep track of daily news and blog posts, this is a great option for sharing these links to StockTwits.

Sharing blog posts and news links increases your distribution network, not only to StockTwits but also the StockTwits extended network which includes sites such as Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Reuters, Globe and Mail and MSN Money.

To add a StockTwits button to Google Reader first log on to Google Reader, then click the gear icon in the top right corner to open up the settings menu, and select “Reader Settings”.




From this menu, select the “Send To” tab. StockTwits is not one of the default social networks Google has add to Google Reader, but you can easily create it. At the bottom of the page you should see a link titled “Create a custom link”.




Clicking this will allow you to create a custom share widget for StockTwits on your Google Reader. Copy and paste the following into the three separate form fields and then click Save:


Name: StockTwits


You can then access your new share widget by clicking Send To tab located below every post, and selecting StockTwits.



This will open up a new window, with a StockTwits message box with the title of the article and a link back to the article already added into the message box for you. You still have the option to edit the post before sending it to StockTwits.

Adding a Share button to Google reader creates an easy way for members to share your favorite links to StockTwits, and offers a great way to share news sources with your followers.

If you would like assistance setting this up, please email me at [email protected]

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